Arizona Training

I went to Arizona a couple of weeks ago for the Virtuoso Certified Travel Advisor (VCTA)program, offered by Virtuoso of course. The training took place at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, upon arrival I was upgraded to Gold. If you have never been you are missing out, this resort is in a class of it’s own.

I was spoiled with the service and the food, even gained four pounds in a week, which I’m still trying to lose. I will say if you ever get a chance to go make sure you save some time to experience the spa. The Well & Being Spa is a little piece of heaven on earth, I assure you! Even though our schedules were crammed with lots of training on how we can better serve our clients, the Virtuoso way, I had a little time to stop by and get a deep tissue massage. Next time I go, the spa will be my main focus, it’s worth going back for and even has a pool on the roof. I hear one of the most popular times to go is actually December, so if you ever want to step away from tradition for the holidays this is the place you need to go.

I owe a huge shout out and thank you to the Fairmont and Gold team members, while in training on my last day, 4 hours till my flight home, I received a text notification informing me that my flight back home to Charlotte was cancelled. You can imagine my shock considering I had already checked out of my room and was prepared to head to the airport directly after training ended. I contacted the airport only to learn the next flight out I needed to take was not until 10:45pm, this put a wrench into the plan considering my original flight was suppose to leave at 2:50pm. I was planning to hang out in the Gold Lounge till it was time to head to the airport however once the team members discovered my flight dilemma, they rush cleaned a room for me to hang out in until it was time to depart.

I am so grateful for their kindness, was 100% comfortable till the time came that I officially left the resort. I have never had a hotel cater to my every need like the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess did. They offer top notch service and I high recommend the resort and Scottsdale in general, its beautiful.

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