About Seven Port Travel.

Seven Port Travel was founded in 2018. For us it represents creation, perfection, and completion. We believe life can get out of hand. People get lost in their day to day, the chaos, the things they feel they need to complete, and the things others tell them to complete. Sometimes it seems as if there isn’t enough hours in a day and sometimes there isn’t. Our goal is to help take you away from your everyday so you’re able to reconnect with yourself, your family, and your friends. It’s time to take sometime out and truly start living!

Hi, I'm April Allison

Founder of Seven Port Travel

I come from a family of workaholics who rarely took vacations. Because of this, it came as a surprise when my mom allowed me to celebrate my fifteenth birthday in a country of my choice. I chose Paris, France. The only requirement was that I plan the entire trip from start to finish – airfare, hotel, and excursions for all seven people unaided.

Unknowingly, I was developing my skillset as a travel advisor that I still use today. I researched Paris and the surrounding areas, and I created itineraries until I had the perfect one for everyone in our group! This life-changing trip is what launched my love of exploring the world.

Tragically, my mom passed away in 2009, and as I began to look back on her life, I realized, sadly, that she never experienced the true meaning of life. She never saw the world and never experienced quality time with friends and family. This realization has driven me to create genuine moments in my own life, and it also spurred me to create Seven Port Travel.


My Assistant Jasper.

Jasper specializes in amazing Macaw friendly destinations in Central America, Mexico, and South America. Once in awhile you can even find her sun bathing in the Caribbean. Her favorite destination is Costa Rica.

She will hook you up with fabulous ideas that will leave you impressed.

Everyone needs time to disconnect from the chaotic, busy life we live every day.

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It's time to start truly living!